You Build, We Shield

Contractors’ All Risks Insurance (CAR) is an insurance for buildings and civil engineering projects during construction against accidents, resulting in loss, or damage or destruction of materials, works in progress, construction plant and equipment and construction machinery.


  • Copy of the Contract of Agreement
  • Breakdown of the Total Contract Value
  • Project Plans
  • Construction Schedule or Bar Chart

Erection All Risks Insurance (EAR) is an insurance against accidents resulting in damage or destruction to machineries, equipment and apparatus during the process of erection or installation.


  • Copy of Contract of Agreement
  • Breakdown of the Total Contract Value
  • Bar Chart or Time Schedule
  • Project Plans

Electronic Equipment Insurance is an accident insurance on an “all risks” basis for electronic equipment such as:

  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment (EDP Equipment)
  • Electrical and radiation equipment for medical use such as electrocardiograph, X-ray and other radiation equipment in hospitals and medical laboratories, etc.
  • Communication facilities such as telephone exchanges, radio, television and communication apparatus, etc.
  • Miscellaneous equipment such as film and television studio equipment, automatic addressing, booking and invoicing machines, etc.


  • List of Equipment to be Covered
  • New Replacement Value of each Equipment
  • Survey of the Site (Optional)

Machinery Breakdown Insurance is, by its very nature, an accident insurance on machinery, mechanical equipment and apparatus resulting in mechanical breakdown.

Machinery Breakdown Requirements

  • List / Technical Description of the Equipment to be Covered
  • New Replacement Value of each Equipment
  • Survey of the Plant (Optional)

A Boiler & Pressure Vessel Insurance Policy provides indemnity for accidents to boilers and pressure vessels resulting in explosion and collapse due to cause such as over-pressure and failure of safety valves, defective material, faulty workmanship, weakness in design.

Boiler Requirements

  • Technical Description of the Boiler
  • New Replacement Value of the Boiler

Deterioration of Stock Insurance is an insurance against deterioration of goods placed in cold storage due to a breakdown of refrigerating machinery.

Loss of Profits following Machinery Breakdown Insurance provides cover for the actual loss of profits sustained as a result of a business interruption caused by an accident indemnifiable under Machinery Breakdown Insurance. Basically speaking, a loss due to an interruption or interference of business operations is made up of the following factors.

– The reduction in turnover resulting from decreased production or other impairment of business operations caused by an accident.
– The increase in cost of working, i.e. the additional expenditure necessarily and reasonable incurred for avoiding or diminishing the reduction in turnover.



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