Property Package

Property Package

Property Package

A flexible insurance package geared specifically for the home. In addition to providing a comprehensive cover for the building and contents, the package also offers an extensive range of benefits. Additional coverages such as Personal Liability and Personal Accident for the Insured and his Family, are built-in as part of the package.


Property Insurance

Insures against loss or damage to the building and contents including furniture, fixtures, fittings, and personal effects caused by the following perils:

Option 1 Option 2
Fire and Lightning Option 1 plus
Impact by aircraft or other aerial devices Earthquake, Typhoon and Flood
Vehicle Collision Riot, Strike & Malicious damage
Smoke and Explosion Robbery & Burglary

Family Personal Liability

Insures against legal liabilities to third parties for bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of accidents within the Insured’s premises and elsewhere resulting from negligent acts or omission of the insured, his family, or that of his household.

Family Personal Accident

Insures against accidental death or disablement of the insured and his spouse and up to 4 children, consecutively, 24 hours a day, 365 days, anywhere in the world including medical expense reimbursement up to the limit provided.


Our Business Care Insurance Package helps you to become a more responsible business owner! Specially designed for your business needs, this package presents a wide range of benefits at most reasonable prices.


Property Insurance

Pays for loss or damage to building, equipment, building improvement and other contents arising from fire, lightning, impact by aircraft or other aerial devices, vehicle collision, smoke, and explosion. In addition, we will also reimburse you for debris removal costs.

Public Liability Section

Pays for legal liabilities to third parties resulting to death, bodily injury, and loss or damage to property which happens in connection with the conduct of business of the insured at his premises. Additionally, the company will investigate any claim made against you and defend you in court, if necessary.


Loss Income

Pays for the extra expense or necessary extra costs incurred to temporarily continue your operations as nearly to normal as possible following interruption to your business due to insured perils, including the costs of fitting out your temporary business location, for a period up to 6 months following the accident.

Personal Accident Insurance

Compensation for accidental death or injury to the registered proprietor or employee not exceeding 65 years of age.

Money Insurance

Pays for loss of money, including money intended for payroll, whilst inside and outside the premises, provided that money inside the premises shall be kept in a locked safe or vault when the store is closed for business and that money outside premises shall be transported in a private vehicle and is in the custody of an authorized personnel of the company and accompanied by a male guard.

Robbery & Burglary

Pays for loss or damage to property, consequent upon forcible and violent entry to or exit from, the premises and by means of violence against or intimidation of any person by using force.

Fidelity Insurance

Pays for loss of money, securities and other valuable properties resulting from any dishonest act of employees, whether alone or in collusion with others.

Plate Glass Insurance

Pays for the cost of repairs or replacement of fixed glass windows & doors to the extent of its market value, due to actual breakage, either accidentally or maliciously inflicted.

Goods in Transit

Pays for loss or damage to lawful goods and merchandise belonging to the insured or for which he is responsible while such property is being conveyed on board vehicles, against the perils of fire, lightning, explosion, collision, overturning, collapse of bridges, typhoon and flood.



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