Fidelity Guarantee Insurance indemnify for direct financial losses as a result of fraudulent or dishonest acts of all covered persons whilst acting in his designated capacity during the period covered subject to the limit set forth in the policy schedule.

This class of business shall not be written on a standalone basis. Collateral business for the same insured is a prerequisite.


Information needed

1) Name of Assured

2) Address

3) Nature of Business

4) List of Regular Employees to be covered

– Name of regular employees

– Position/Capacities

– Date of Employment

– Length of Service

– Amount Guaranteed

5) Audit Controls and Supervision undertaken (Please also indicate if deposits are made daily)

6) Period of Insurance

7) Loss Experience

Comprehensive General Liability (CGL)

  • A Liability Insurance indemnifies the Insured for financial and legal liability for damage to another’s property or injury to another person arising from an accident due to the Insured’s business and negligence.


  1. Bodily Injury (Coverage A)
  2. Property Damage (Coverage B)
  3. Defence, Settlements, Supplementary Payments (In addition to A & B):
    • Defends the insured in any civil suit seeking damages, pays for bond premium & other expenses incidental to litigation/medication.


    1. Fire Legal Liability – cover a legal liability to pay as damage by fire to premises as specifically indicated, including landlord’s fixture, fittings and furnishings, not being the Insured’s own but occupied or in his physical or legal control.
    2. Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability – cover automobiles owned by others and in the custody of the Insured for storage, repair, or safekeeping, if loss or damage to such automobiles are caused by: fire and explosion (except explosion of tires); theft (if entire automobile is taken); collision or upset; and riot or civil commotion including mischief or vandalism.
    3. Premises Medical Payments – cover medical payments to third parties as a result of an accident occurring in the Insured’s premises regardless of whether the Insured has been negligent or not.
    4. Food Poisoning cover liability for bodily injury or illness directly caused by food or drinks poisoning or the presence of deleterious matter in such food or drinks or the defective container of such food or drinks and happening at the insured premises.
    5. Car Park Liability – covers the Insured’s legal liability in respect of damages to motor vehicles (excluding accessories, valuables and luggage) not owned by the Insured whilst in the car parks owned by the Insured.
    6. Swimming Pool Liability – liability arising out of the use of the Insured’s swimming pool for the benefit of the Insured’s resident guest or visitors.  It is warranted that at least one qualified lifeguard is on duty during operating hours of the swimming pool. Subject to the limit specified in the Policy schedule.
    7. Tenant’s Legal Liability – cover the Insured’s legal liability as a result of fire and/or explosion damaging the following:
      • any building or part thereof not owned but whilst occupied by the Insured.
      • to the contents of the aforesaid buildings or part thereof not belonging to but in the care, custody or control of the Insured.
    8. Innkeeper’s Liability – cover properties of guests in hotels, lodging inns, motels and pension houses
      • Note:  Loss of cash, securities, jewelry, and watches are not covered, unless kept in the Insured’s safety deposit box or vault.
    9. Valet Parking Liability – cover damages arising from loss or physical damage to automobiles while such automobile is in the care, custody, or control of the Insured’s employees (valet). Also included is the bodily injury to third parties by the Insured’s employees (valet) whilst operating or driving automobiles in their care, custody or control.

Information needed:

  1. Registered Name
  2. Address
  3. Nature of business of the Assured
  4. Area of occupied space
  5. Limit of Liability


  1. Motor Vehicle owned or leased which are not registered with the Bureau of Land Transportation and do not require Compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance (CTPL)
  2. Heavy Equipment or Machinery temporarily stationed in a particular location while being used in actual operation.
  3. Heavy Equipment or Machinery, whether or not it can move on its power, which needs to be moved or transported from one area of operation to another.

Information needed:

  1. Name of Assured
  2. Description of units or items to be insured
  3. Fair Market Value of each separate unit or item
  4. Use of units or activity engaged in (e.g. road construction)
  5. Location/s of risk/s
  6. Imported or local
  7. Tax-free or tax-paid

Money Securities and Payroll Robbery (MSPR)

  • Money Securities and Payroll Insurance protects an Insured Company against any direct physical loss of money, securities or payroll money whether inside the premises or in transit, howsoever caused except as specifically excluded.


  1. Section I – Money & Securities Inside Premises
    • Will indemnify the Insured for losses as a result of robbery or any attempt thereat occurring within the premises or as the result of theft following upon violent and forcible entry of or followed by violent and forcible exit from the premises or any attempt thereat.
  2. Section II – Money and Securities Outside Premises (In Transit)
    • Will indemnify the Insured against loss by robbery from or brigandage against a messenger occurring outside the premises of Money and Securities in the personal charge of a messenger in transit on a money route
  3. Section III – Payroll Money (Inside or Outside Premises)
    • Indemnify the Insured against loss:
      • Occurring outside the premises by robbery or brigandage against a messenger.
      • As a result of robbery or any attempt thereat occurring within the premises so specified.
  4. Section IV – Inclusive Extra Coverages
    • The Company will also indemnify the insured as follows:
      • Damage to premises or to lock safe, strong room, cash register, cash drawer or cash box.
      • Loss of Container – wallet bag, satchel safe or chest.




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