“We can take away your worries by protecting your house, your condo unit, or your commercial building from all risks, both natural and man-made. “


Insurance that protects the insured from financial loss due to damage caused by:

Fire and Lightning

1. Earthquake

  • Earthquake Firecovers damage due to fire occasioned by the occurrence of an earthquake
  • Earthquake Shockcovers damage caused by other than fire occasioned by the occurrence of an earthquake.

2. Typhoon – covers damages attributed or directly caused by the passing of a typhoon or weather condition declared by the Weather Bureau (PAGASA)

3. Flood – covers damages attributed to or directly caused by flood.

4. Extended Cover (Smoke, Aircraft, Vehicle and Explosion)

  • Smoke – sudden, unusual, or faulty operation of any venting instrument
  • Aircraft or Debris (Falling) – from flying aircraft and other atmospheric and non-atmospheric objects
  • Vehicle Impact – direct loss resulting from an off-road vehicle (excluding damage to driveways, walks, lawns and fences)
  • Explosion – chemical or mechanical

5. Riots, Strikes, and Malicious Damage

  • Riot – a chaotic disturbance of the public peace

Characteristics of a Riot:

  • Must have at least 3 people
  • With common purpose
  • Execution of common purpose
  • Intent to help one another by means of force
  • Use of force or violence

6. Strike – A temporary stoppage of work by a body of workers designed to enforce compliance of demands made on an employer.

7. Malicious Damage – Damage or Loss caused by a party whose intent was to do harm or deface material goods

  • Burglary & Robbery


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